feb 5 2017 Austin, TX


Workshop about general purpose processing using GPUs
Held in cooperation with PPOPP'17

Featuring Keynote Speakers:
Ben Sander, AMD Senior Fellow
Hars Vardhan, Staff Research Engineer, Samsung America Research


Attend one of the largest and most in-depth workshops about GPU compute technologies

About GPGPU-10

The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum to discuss new and emerging general-purpose programming architectures, environments and platforms, as well as evaluate applications that have been able to harness the horsepower provided by these platforms. This year's work is particularly interested in new heterogeneous architecture/platforms, new forms of concurrency, and novel/irregular applications that can leverage these platforms. Papers are being sought on many aspects of GPUs, including (but not limited to):

  • >> GPU Applications
  • >> GPU Programming Environments
  • >> GPU Runtime Systems
  • >> GPU Complication
  • >> GPU Architectures
  • >> Multi-GPU Systems
  • >> GPU Power/efficiency
  • >> GPU Reliability
  • >> GPU Benchmarking/measurements
  • >> Heterogeneous Architectures/platforms



David Kaeli


Northeastern University

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John Cavazos


University of Delaware

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